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The Tales of Esper Ravenwood:


“They say ‘a dead man tells no tales.’ Of course, Esper Ravenwood is not entirely dead. He’s not entirely alive, either. He is a Revenant, a man who has lived more than one lifetime, and owes his continued existence to the goddess of death, the Raven Queen. He’s never had the best luck in the world, but when he steps into the small town of Howell, Fate comes knocking at his door, and this time he can’t simply run away. With the accompaniment of a pixie, an assassin, a wizard, a run-away-noble, and whatever that arrogant guy is, Esper uncovers hidden truths about his friends, his enemies, and his former self.”

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“Everything goes downhill fast for Esper Ravenwood and his companions, when Orthamear comes under siege. After discovering a stunning capability of his demon blood, and then receiving a deadly curse, our Revenant’s story becomes a race against time – and Legion. In this dark sequel, Esper will travel to realms seen only by spirits, find out the power that love really has, and come closer to his final death than anyone thought possible. Along the way, pieces of the puzzle fall into place as to who he really is, and what his role might be in the story of Fate.”

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“In the final installment of Esper Ravenwood’s journey, our Bard faces his greatest challenges yet. With a disabled fighting arm, and a reborn tyrant on the loose, he confronts Death, Fate, and the pursuit of answers head-on. Crucial details will come to light, prices will be paid, and old lands rediscovered. The end of the tale is near and the stakes are high, but when Esper learns what cruelty awaits him, will he have the courage to face Fate’s final test, or will he surrender himself to oblivion, forever?”

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Tales from Liserna


“There are times in life when a person bites off more than they can chew. Rowan Ravenwood is a Runepriest and a sell-sword, and in his line of work, the frustrating and unexpected are usually commonplace. However, for all his years of wandering the countryside smiting the Undead, and pissing off the nobility in Silverkeep, he never anticipated what happens when his Uncle comes to him with a rather unusual task. In this first volume in the Tales from Liserna, we join Rowan as he takes on a partner who is everything he never bargained for, battles with the mystical and powerful forces of the ancient Runes, and gets himself lost. Twice. If you enjoy sarcastic banter, flamboyant bards, dark and mysterious forces beyond our control, and the occasional hint of Druidry, traveling with Rowan and his companions will be an adventure, indeed.”

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“Sive Ravenwood has many talents. Herbalism, divination, and spellcraft, for instance. She’s also a berserker, and when she starts having visions of hurting her younger brother, she realizes she has to do something before her inner beast takes things too far. However, when she steps back into Omnia for the first time in over a year, the last thing she expects would be to run into the mysterious Mairin Heartnet, and she finds herself caught between a Wolf, a Chimera, and a Painter in a a race against a killer’s whims. Can Sive learn the secret of her own strength in time, or will she bring ruin to the people she’s trying to protect? If you enjoy puzzles, werewolves, fishing, magic, and perhaps a hint of romance, traveling with Sive and Mairin will be an adventure indeed.”

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“This final chapter in the Tales from Liserna trilogy follows Eirnin, the black sheep of the Ravenwood family, as he falls out of Liserna and into the Red Desert, the southernmost reaches of Lazarus. It is in this strange new world that he will strive to create a name for himself, find his place in the workings of the Empire, and overcome years of internalized doubt and uncertainty regarding his own identity. Ride through the arid mountains and endless rolling sands of Hargaoah with Eirnin, and the band of strange, terrifying, sometimes hilarious misfits that sweep him into their midst, as they strike out on a path to change the world of Omnia.”

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The Redgate Chronicles:

RedgateOWCover SmallOld World

“The world, it seems, will never forget its chaos and be at peace. For more than a thousand years, wars, rebellions, and uprisings have kept the land in turmoil. At the slightest hint of lasting peace, another resurgence begins, and tensions with the Beast-folk races rise once more. Swept into the midst of that strife are three unlikely champions, pulled from the dungeons of Olsan and into the service of an unorthodox queen. With the world breaking down around them, and enemies rising in the shadows, it appears their only hope lies in the cryptic musings of a peculiar bard, and in ancient tales long abandoned. In the end, a desperate attempt at a solution may be their only way out. This is a tale of nobles and monsters, legends and demons, and a familiar face come to tell the story.”

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New World

“After making an irrevocable mistake, Marcus finds himself, Evaline, and Kisuke in a world where myth is reality and nobody is quite what they seem – or what the trio remembers. Dragons now rule over what were once Provinces, and the necromancers that defeated them before have been all but eradicated. Torn by forces both within and without, Marcus, Evaline, and Kisuke find old faces in surprising places, fight to repair the damage done, and survive as best they can in a war between powerful Dragon Lords. Their skills and wills will be tested equally, as these outsiders find their places on the stage once again. This is a new world, and the Champions of Redgate certainly aren’t in Laine anymore.”

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