NaNoWriMo 2015 with OddBard

Hello, friends! Happy National Novel Writing Month!

Last month I got All’s Well in Asgard to a grand total of 50,969 words, but it’s still not quite to the end yet. I mostly got stuck after I put the two halves together, and I’ll probably come back to it after November to whip it into half-decent shape. I do quite like the story, though, and it’s one that I want to tell, eventually, but I think it needs a bit more time to percolate before I finish it and put it through the Edits.

I also started putting together the first tales in the Lazarus Anthology(currently 12,000 words long, ish), a collection of short stories set in Esper’s world. There are currently three written, with seven more potentially planned(five of those being from the Companions of Jay). The finished ones are Mixed Blessing, a third-person account of Nuin’s curse, The Way He Smiles, an excerpt from Leon’s journal, and Sanctuary, a short story set after the events of Lightbringer in which we get to see Captain Heartnet in action. I’ll probably be working on the other short stories while I work through my NaNo novel, since I anticipate needing a break every once in a while.

This month I’ll be writing The Redgate Chronicles: Old World which is all planned out(I’m not pantsing this one, thank goodness) and should be a wild ride. My author page is over here, if you want to come be my writing buddy and watch me struggle my way through yet another tale of craziness and trickery. This is going to be a good month!

To my fellow WriMo’s: May the Words be ever in your favor. Good luck!

RedgateOW Working